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breath and swelling of the legs compelled him to seek rest and medical
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and deserves further trial. The dose used varied from two to ten
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permitted to go out too soon, as full recovery is delayed in this way. Nothing
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such restraint that there can be no drinking? Being to some extent
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order that the horde of highly paid potentates like Mr. Shonts,
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and loss of appetite. Most of the cases of all these forms recovered com-
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xxxi., 1889) reports two cases of small haematomata of the vagina occurring
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in the child. A series of cases is reported and conclusions are drawn as
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Until the great truth is fully learned that rectal diseases can not
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an antiseptic compress, a ligature being seldom necessary.
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chosen at first without due regard for the importance of the
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breech 'presentation; the mother declares that the child was perfectly
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supply of the drug and keeping it up, and when the raids were
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ease in those cases which recover. In slight cases where but little injury
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with a most enjoyable luncheon provided by the hospital authori-
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shall elect a chairman from its own one-year-service members and
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great degree upon previous experiences and the particular mental
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this treatment I have less trouble with dysentery than by any
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1he contracted opening of an approximately pear-shaped bag.
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effect of pauperizing and victimizing the poor, encouraging parasit-
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Patient had not been jaundiced, and has had no hemorrhage either
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set their face against any kind of vivisection performed by those
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that no test was made of the stomach contents. With the idea of
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chorea while suffering from rheumatism — the disease being of about the
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is too deeply rooted ever to be extirpated, even by taxation, how-
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The skin having been previously rendered aseptic by cleansing with
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On January 10, 1919, it became necessary to do another opera-
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half an hour before meals, from two to four ounces of diluted
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entire course, always arranged in groups and clusters, new lesions
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of these subjects, says the author, marks some difficulty he had himself
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councils of no avail. The bloodthirsty tone of many contemporary
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various learned sources. A glance at these maps graphically shows the
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uterine cavity contained no germs ; in pathological cases germs were present
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In the American Text-Book of Surgery, in the chapter on Strict-
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with two deaths, may be very much improved upon in the near future.
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ment before they have reached the years of discretion. One
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appetite is rather increased after the administration of full physiological
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and I also heard that he had taken a dose of calomel before the
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or the oscillations are slight, 1 or 2 cm., and equal on both sides or
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11th. Some restrictions to joint movement. Straight plaster-of-Paris
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up to a certain period of their lives, are model children and are not


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