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If healthy action can be established, the process of absorption becomes

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Clmical Science to the Physiology of Parturition and

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morning came they found the grass and shrubbery had

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3. Livesay, W. R.; Moyer, J. H., and Miller, S. I.:

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in the Korean conflict, we do not know at the present

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and relay them to the Division of Factory Inspection

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sure and Heart Trouble” for one of the sessions of

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quantities of all known hemapoietic factors, including the

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I am sorry to say that they don’t all agree as to

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dilated nor contracted, but stationary ; hands and feet warm,

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2d, to ec$t(u%8 and mental excitement, in some cases of a religious na-

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patients with angina. The eontained Rauwiloid serves to

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application will be of such a character that the results

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had frequent attacks of angina pectoris of effort. Exam-

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scious conscience or superego against which the un-

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Council at its June, 1954, meeting for further study,

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be thoroughly acquainted with the proper treatment of dis-

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abnormalities except absent knee jerks. Mental exam-

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At its meeting in November, 1954, the Council voted

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similar agencies, the role of government in medical

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to keep on thyroid extract had not progressed. This

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it is to give credence to a mother’s observation as

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to “deterioration of the quality of medical services.”

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patients). (3) ^e supply no display of Mead products for druggists’ windows and counters. (4) We

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level of one part of fluoride for every million parts of

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the current project included Dr. Leona Baumgartner,

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Wm. R. Warner & Co., 113 W. 18th St., New York City.. 6, 12

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Directory, both direct benefits to each indi\ddual member of the Society, have cost more to

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the public, cannot fail to be detrimental to the health of the

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and the Treasurer’s report were read, accepted and

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September meeting was a dinner meeting held jointly


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