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given on the accession of each seizure, and during the intervals

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parts of plants and animals {e, g. ergot of rye, Feronoapora infestans of

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simple and reasonable, will receive thorough trial and that by it we may avoid a

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part of the sheath, direct peristalsis in the ordinary form, and

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ternal and external coats have been described by Madame Boivin

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morbid action or product; the anatomist or the physiologist, on

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42. Wallace, D.: Epithelioma of the Upper End of the Esophagus. Partial

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in Latin." In addition, the report recommended that the term of

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1845 A Dissertation on Laryngismus Stridulus, by Dr. N. B. Ives.

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of a dark color and has in some degree the odor and taste of

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suffered from chronic Briglit''s disease, and for nine years

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far back as 1823, Bellingeri proved that section of the posterior

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losis, built near Black Mountain. The in- solved by special study. Mysenseof ap-

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been worn; the after-result would be reported in the

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In discussing the question of treatment of chronic suppuration in

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Newport. During this part of the year I don't suppose less than

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by much the greater part being a mere mechanical irritant

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the exanthematous character is not shown uniformly in typhoid cases.

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both by direct contact with the sick and by objects to

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2. To afford them industrial training in any sort of occupation they may

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appearance resembled that of a cancerous patient : earthy tint and colourless mucous

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child ; yet the uterus did not yield until its parietes were


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