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toward an increase of metabolism — massage, bathing,
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Navajo Indians, see Rates and Causes of End-Stage Renal Disease in
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Medical Society, after a paper had been read by Dr. W. J. Wilson,
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lotions, and the safety with which it could be done,
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of tension in the quietest forms is sometimes never perceptibly in-
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patent medicines, is becoming apparent." He also calls atten-
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vidual, are only manifestations of morbid conditions at present occult —
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shall' make inquisition thereof iu a summary manner, by jury
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who often take out large lines of life insurance, and who from
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possible to exi)ress in items, but that this discretion
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muscles as symptoms of beginning peritonitis are also im-
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agreed that in all cases abdominal section gave better results than the
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that of admitting of the patient's being as much in the open
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causes were present to account for the symptoms of calculus may
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ture of health. On examination of the abdomen no mass could
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lished a sufficient number to guarantee a full supply of
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had accidentally swallowed an unknown amount of a weak
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In external diseases most of the physical changes in the affected part
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Ae size of a lentil or a split pea, become turbid in two or three days,
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times there was also enuresis. Speech became slow and difficult, and after
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1894, vol. xix. p. 41. 4. GOUTY. Gaz. med. de Pans, No. 20, 1877. 5. CURSCHMANN.
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lowest, 29.372 inches at 9 p.m. of the 9th. The mean tem-
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toms of all forms, the severity of which corresponds to some extent with
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The age and other circumstances under which it is best to vaccinate
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the probe will easily penetrate. The external orifice having
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tenance of a pale anaemic pasty appearance; tongue clean,but of
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taking place from the surface where the head of the I
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cent, died. It is suggested that all officers, nurses, and members of the
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appearance of stupidity. The latter corresponds with the gravity of the dis-
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perfectly functionating cochlea would, therefore, per se, presuppose
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This bacillus is found in the discharges of persons sick with the dis-
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observations certainly do not coincide with my experience, for I have
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powerful man, it would be utterly irrational to say that they would
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