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After five years of general and special practice at home

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Stock-raiser of small means and a politii.iaii. He was

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period of bad weather, that the patient often asserts that he carries in his

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bership in the German Orthopedic Association. In 1916 he was in-

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of meningitis ; but this view is scarcely confirmed by the sub-

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John, consulting engineer for the Otis Elevator Company.

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incision) ; finally, if necessary, by radio-ulnar incisions.

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come the work not only for its usefulness, which commends

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presented papers by Drs. Houghton of New-York City, Wood-

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and nerve is disturbed through the channels and centres of audi-

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iron for the next generation, there might be some disturbance of this func-

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with a power of diagnosis that is like the X ray. Her

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The sanguinaria headache is generally preceded by a feeling

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circumstances has pierced for itself a course from the neck

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microscopical specimens which Dr. Hedenberg had secured from

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which Drs. Hall, Franklin, James, Terry, Obetz, Walton, and

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and the West Side Tennis Club, New York City. He is a member of

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We extend a sincerely fraternal hand of greeting to " The


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