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deep inspiration there is very little mobility. Marked
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the eye which could be referred to the occupation as a
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rated, and five spicula3 of the under plate driven through the membranes
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of the genuine " oleum jecoris ' were taken ! the public may, therefore,
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to be hydrophobia, accompanied with convulsive fits, but recovered in
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conclusion that the surgeons, observing that their preparation did
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drawn up for the purpose by the Registrar-General. These
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2. To clear out the intestines at the earliest moment, carrying
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The oxygen is here furnished by the blood, and must be derived
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Of Dr Joseph Williamson, an unselfish and devoted physician of
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before, and would onl}' wear off by length of time.
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of yellow fever, for which as8umi)tion the evidence is as yet insufii-
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* In the case of the smaller vessels, I find that torsion answers admirably,
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presented microscopic evidence of a moderately well-marked fatty degener-
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sphincters almost invariable. Cystitis and its consequences readily occur,
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tained its sway over the regions which we inhabit. But you
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Island, the national quarantine station, probably ac-
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looking for features like fuel injection, four-speaker
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the scalp, owing to the circumstance, that in the latter situation the
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higli place in the medical literature of this country. Such
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disease, and vanishes very leisurely, hardly at all influenced by treatment.
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bath treatment, as the mental condition is dearer and the onset more
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are graduates of medical schools outside of the United States and is devoted to the
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when I was a house-pupil, was carrying either a ladder
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two drops if the reaction is negative, as sera are not infrequent in
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more longitudinal. The great omentum depends from the
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ficiently clear indications for exploratory section.
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seen in the summer of 1898 she was pale, anemic, and short-winded.
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1825, found that water slightly impregnated with acetic or hydro-
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than the spare. A deficiency in tone is the chief factor in predisposing
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In an atmosphere saturated with alcohol, I found as follows : —
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with rounded ends; usually short; sometimes in pairs like a pneumo-
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indicates the degree of the error in localization. Absolute values for the normal
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board, the extending bands should be detached from it and reapplied as
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week, and these cases did not seem to me from my present experience
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of the infant were also tested by careful weightments of the child
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fectly straight, but on being informed by the family physician that the
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nearly horizontally disposed. The nodules appear separated from the other
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has been manipulated constitute adequate data for a positive diagnosis.
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last in charge of the case is required to insert the " cause
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September 31st. — Cough improved since injection.
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so in this country. The pension system has been un-
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other affections simulating sciatica the presence or
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recovery from the mania. The skin appears to show little change.
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There has long existed a wide difference between the legal and
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be punctiform and should heal readily because of the surround-
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July 29, 1S84, before the Fifty-second Annual Meeting
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mger, but their substance may be lacerated by violent compression. After
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