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active plan of depletion — and this has constitu-

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seems to me, are the ones that we can safely say are pneumonia. We

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in Vermont, U.S.A., in 1894. At the same time animals were affected

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wound. The only point in passing the striking. On some occasions, however, the

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Neurotic Conditions in Women. trying to physician and patient. I have

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subject of this practical joke in ignorance that the needle

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The duration of the disease is very uncertain. Death may occur

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the views of Malthus on the question of eaorly mar-

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symptoms that may be due to the hypertrophy. Discomfort in the cardiac

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of such poisons as may from time to time be prescribed by the

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lesterol in the US diet (Table 6). 16 Interestingly, the list is

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the broken bones, but there will be little or no blood between the,

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attempts by the tissues to wall them off, as products of the

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case, because, although the actual skin lesion may not itself be a

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of the anti-wheat-meal men seems plausible at first

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Pratt, Alfred J., Esq., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Triton.

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"regard coca as a remedy against malaria superior to quinine." — Mor-

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bilde <Ztschr. f. wissensch. Zool., Leipz., v. 56 (2), 30. Mai, pp. 328-364, pi.

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her illustrious forerunner, Florence Nightingale, she

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publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal,

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The average physician has had some smattering of ex-

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vi. p. 55.— 36a. H. Radcliffe-Crocker. Atlas. Op. cit. (33), vol. ii. Plate, xc. fig. 13.

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FREE TO OUR DOCTOR FATROXS: Visiting Records, Prescription Blanks.

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quire special mention. If the lesion extend, it may involve the

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This excellent antiseptic also forms the basis of the medication in the

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that a time had existed in the history of the earth when even

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SnoxE, Richard L., M.R.C.S. Eng , L.S. A. —Second Assistant Medical

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follow the reading of this paper, and to a great extent I attri-

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many of tbe results of recent experiments and research, and advanced doctrines which have

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venoms. Dr. Flexner first gave a brief explanation of

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