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racentesis was determined on. On placing the patient on his right
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makes a patient declare that ' he is well,' although dangerously ill, there is no
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lation would not be acceptable to other readers. For our own
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endemic, though the converse does not hold — are the subject of
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the conventional red rag serves as a fair warning to inno-
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persistent until his death, which took place on the fourth day of the
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the improvements which were then in the course of introduction among us, —
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Taking into consideration the state of the mind, in only two cases
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At the Hospital de la Pitie, the service of Piorry, a professor in the medical
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their appearance, and there is no easy test by which the presence of
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the attention of the profession to a more general and careful examination
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order given is to apply cataplasms. Where a practice prevails so generally, it
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muscular development, build, and habits seem to have
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the operations for the various forms of Talipes, or Club-foot, Curvature of the Spine, and
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special relation between flexion and serous inflammation. He
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connected with its author — excision of the knee. Passing over
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of an artery. It is due to arteriosclerosis, injury, or
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arrange themselves in rouleaux. When the peroxide is poured on
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it would be to reduce the amount of food taken and in-
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its composition to the false membranes which are developed in mucous, and
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cerebri, and corpora striata, 'were either usually or frequently
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base of the heart ; but in both cases it was affirmed that no rheu-
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favorable, yet on the fourth day a slight iritis appeared in the other,
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2. On Non-nitrogenised Food in a Physiological Point of View. By the
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median nerve, as well as by drugs— the second and third were
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This dyes the hair black. It is well to experiment in a
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whilst the sandy shore with its uniform and gentle slope is superior
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tion, and also to stimulate it. We also had to provide for the cerebral affec-
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siderably increased their apprehensions, was the discovering of myriads of
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Buppcort my diagnosis of a cyditis likely to produce sympathetic
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hvnia, to the north of Kiev, and bordering on the southern provinces
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appeared in the later stage of the disease, but unaccompanied by the
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reswil's solution, was found to contain glucose. Dr. Belot
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ing the head backwards, or to one side. He also mentions the facts stated
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per cent. The fact, as reported in the British army statistics, that at cer-
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" Jwie 8th. I was again called in, and found Inm gready reduced, and
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their growth some one or more nervous branches — and it is
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because the latter prevails in districts where neither of these
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6. Case of Suppression of Urine, fatal on the thirteenth day. Dr.
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and soon after on the clearer side where the striae are percep-
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certainly not formed by the inflammation of this thin ring of
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small deposits in tags and shreds roughening the surface, although the period of
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ders were delivered. Buffalo, July 6, 1841, eleven A. M., I was called
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only stating facts with which a large number of our professional brethren


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