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the result of thickening of trabecular in the diffuse glia mesh.

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take the risk himself. But we should see that provision is made at the hospitals so that

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will be equally as well satisfied as those who obtained the earlier ones.

escitalopram ukmi

what uncertain in just what form of tuberculosis some kind of

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his return to hospital a cerebral insult occurred. Consciousness was not

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disease and that probably most of the cases that have not been cured have

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which changes its meaning slightly, but by common consent is

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another State who "cured by the laying on of hands" and hastened

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largely segregate themselves. Little girls are told that it is im-

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progressiveness and the limitations of modern homoeopathy. The

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a duly registered medical practitioner, would come away laboring under the idea that the

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ing on in Boston in 1907-08, the results of both which were pub-

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tem with the respiratory system, with the degenerative system, withi

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however, there were reported instances in which brains weighed

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It is framed as an additional section of the Public Health Law

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overcoat." The bear said to himself, "Ah ha ! I see in him my

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Another practical point that must be constantly borne in mind

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nal, number treated, 471; proportion to total treated, 13.99 per

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never had been vaccinated' or who had been improperly immunized by

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Mr. LouNT, Q.C., then addressed the Council as follows :

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were 161 children of the poor, nine among the well-to-do, and

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tions and theories made for this period are comparatively few. And it would

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the shops, factories, industries, commercial life, churches, librar-

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Dr. Heiser in the Philippines and this advertisement from your paper to the

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not go into details as to the pathological condition. There is

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truthfully said : "In fractured patellae absolutely perfect results

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Dr. Britton— I did not submit that to be the case ; I tried to controvert that.

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tion is going to cost, but that hundreds who are unable to pay

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(3) Accuracy of memory may be disturbed through impaired

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Dr. Esther S. Barnard-Woodward, class of 1900, B. U. S. M., has re-

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phine, this method of treatment will be taken up at some length

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