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cussion that followed, Esmarch having stated that, with

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which peculiar causes, acting upon a constitutionally timid and im-

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Simple iiritation of the end organs of certain afferent

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brother, which had taken place the day previous. He had no

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classification is as follows: 1 Inflammation; 2 Hemorrhages; 3 Hypertrophies;

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its nature, and know nothing about the manner in which it

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she had occasion to separate a dog from his hold on an

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sion in the first four months. About 35 per cent of the patients with

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lebrated Parisian culprit, Dr, Castaign to wit ; who,

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number of cases reported, and re-examined at intervals of

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a normal dietary pattern Serum potassium should be checked periodically,

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PI. 35, 36, 37, and 38. Distinctive Diagnosis between External and Internal Inguinal Hernia, Taxis, Seat of

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group includes such forms as Paramecium, Colpoda, Chlamy-

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rectus, lower part of abdomen soft; no mass could be detected,

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eral condition was about normal, but on the third day the pulse again became accelerated

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Because of this prevalent persuasion that our modern

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a lye may be made by pouring warm water on wood ashes and

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bone of the knee did hang downe very much. ' ' Clowes first

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Ct from such a source in approbation of his essays on the human

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dilatation of cicatricial contractions of the vagina.

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lost strength rapidly and died in 1910. There were no children. Pellagrin 124,

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vantage will be derived from the exhibition of tonics inter-

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Let me demonstrate upon this what the difierent parts are. There


plaster and a compress, even although other foreign bodies be

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Rhixology, by Dr. J. Homer Coulter, of Chicago; Report ox Progress

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process which conducts from them. Through the cell pass the separate

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In these days of milk foods, prepared foods, substi-

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either acute, subacute, or chronic. Occurring in young children, it may

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ing. The tetanus antitoxin can be produced by methods similar to

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instance in point. In 1869, in the month of September, M, Guyon had in

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of the days were clear, and that the hours of sunshine

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