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come out in a way not to be mistaken. From his childhood there has been

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becomes part and parcel of the blood, from which tubercle is

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appropriate to that particular tissue, not being attracted by

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pect of the organ, originating in the cellular tissue or in the ute-

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severity. It commences shortly after food and persists during

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tubercles. Perforation of the bowel, ulceration of the gall- duct,

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or with disease elsewhere, modifying and obscuring its symptoms,

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When the patient was able to dispense with crutches, he de-

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remedy having been recommended and brought into the category

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— Excessive Hemorrhage — Gangrene of Arm — Recovery.

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trunk was, therefore, secured by a ligature, the incision through

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I turn, now, from the fallacies in the experiments to the more

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dilated, and it is not solicited by them to perform this movement

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Equal parts of Ammoniac and Glycerine unite to the consis-

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emotions lower, and the faculty of pleasure and of pain lower still,

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Resolved, That it is, in the sense of this Society, becoming annu-

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Hawley, D. C, Burlington, Yt.: Diseases of the Rec-

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ous tension. If he abandons the operation altogether he is not

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without any evidence of an intermediate extravasation.

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not our busi] ss to enquire, as ours is not a political institution, but

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of the series.'^ Thus he describes under separate heads '^ acute

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the mere chaos of nature and experiment, — for the latter task

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to none in the Union. Surely, it is endowed with advantages, such

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short time the morbid condition of the mucous membrane begins

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die found it nearly two degrees warmer ; and Lecanu states

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" It is that most commonly given to the disease, by the French," or

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he suddenly threw up his arms, as if to keep off some fearful

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muscles engaged in the act of vomiting, or the connection

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part of its author, and we are sorry that we can do no more than

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On the 10th of February, at the morning visit, he appeared more cheer-

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him to take the trouble, let him bring the questions at issue to the

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in Steevens 1 Hospital, under the care of Dr. Croker, in August


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