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the cases I speak of, a sensible improvement of hearing has been a
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less often than once in every fifteen cases ; larger experience has
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attacked with the more obvious effects upon the appearance
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insufficiency of a valve, yet there are no means by which, from
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1861: Doomms Molin— Ibidem, p. 47L [Misprint ules long and slender. Female, 9 to 1 1 mm,
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tree, to gather fruit ; as he came down he fell on a hoe-handle,
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against mischief from it, are everywhere numerous, urgent and
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contractions, for want of a stimulus, cease to recur. Thus the
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of necessity be accurate; but such is by no means the case, and
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Bromide of Potassium and Acetic Acid in Cancer. — Mr,
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eyes to be retracted in the orbit with protrusion of the nictitat-
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No. 418 West 57th St., New York City, capes there is great advantage in the use of
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arities in the disease or departures from a typical condition,
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junction with Dr. E. C. Schroeder, began an immunizing
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important, and in a large number completely : ll; being fol-
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The enterprising Publishers deserve the thanks of the Profession in this
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circumstances to produce a state of general depression and conges-
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which is practically identical with the food that Nature pro-
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*^l Fig. I. Urine cloudy; fetid odor; full of bacteria, pus, blood
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tionary and does not respond to the move- and the fascia in the next. The skin is
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groups of muscles, (2) the apparent clearness of mind, (if we
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22. Stiles. Report New York State Board 0/ Health. 186S.
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mortality bv this method being low, the omentum is a lymphatic ganglia. In rab-
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skin just above the hoof. The microscopic examination of the pus from
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paste. It is thus made : — nitrate of zinc 3iss, distilled water 3j,
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M. Marjolin stated that at the commencement of his practice
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connection with the action of the stomach upon food. One of
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come tinged yellow, and the countenance bronzed — or, on the con-
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diate section, these agents are much used in combination. It is not
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course of the fever. Diet nutritious, but not exciting; soft boiled
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varies on the one side with the resistance of the host and on
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but if there be interference with medicine, the result will be per-
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to present tlieir bills at the end of the year times say to me, you first paint the doctors
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tion and establishment of the typhoid condition. The means for
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of the portal circulation, and the torpor and suspended functions
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The treatment by chloral and zinc sulphate is illustrated in
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