Oxybutynin Antares

even to walk or run, seem to us to be as ingenious as anything which

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Art. 228..^ Cases of Inter-menstrual or Intermediate Dysmenorrhcea.*

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whole thickness of the true skin may be burned owing to the inten-

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classed a case reported by Bartholow (Am. Journal of the Med. Sci.,

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believes that the disease is so recent in its origin. In

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the presence and the character of the fat cells are often

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I*anse (O.) Laterale Luxation im Lisfranc'schen (ie-

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16. Pipilis A, Flather M, Collins R, et al: Hemodynamic effects of

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tions. Often these evidences were very slight. There

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of carbohydrates is complete but limited, of albumins is in-

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purulent matter is always found at the superior region of the vajrina,

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The action of the veins is here greater than in health, and

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Tht> rapidity of the liltration process in trials Nos. .'J and 4 niadf; it <|uito

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were only three — a proportion which would represent an annual mortality of 1

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with this organism. Wolfstein had reported 37 sporadic cases

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dergartening— is much to be preferred to any regular kinder-

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wall, and emptied the cyst before attempting to draw it out. He substituted

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N. B. — An embi-)'o, it seems, had been passed, but

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lection, classification and preservation of the manu-

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liis pupils, though had he continued to tread the path of

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such facts, but I would hardly do so when a physician

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the remainder of the tissue retains the appearance of normal fibro-

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Dr. W. C. Crombie read a very interesting paper on "A Rare

oxybutynin antares

and loss of voice where the laryngeal muscles get inhabited.


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