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But the anatomical peculiarities which mitral lesions exhibit are
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hour, layer by layer down to the sac ; this reached, it was opened to an
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movement, passing from the region of the apex to the left at each pulsa-
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On the fifth and sixth days the swelling of the upper part of the
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Hannah P., 34. 4th or 1. Pain in knees, calves, and left 2. 99- 92 23 1. Somul prolonged, doubtful whether
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ployed was concave, with a focal length of fifteen inches and a diameter
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fracture of this bone could be collected together for comparison.
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tured leg. Hey's amputation of the foot, of which I saw two cases,
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practically the same symptoms as the former. Discharge, however,
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as he says, the strongest man may become hysterical after a long illness, quoting
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places recently visited ; and it seems to have been a point of emulation
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Resolution. — Mr. Bartrum withdrew the resolution of which he had
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and moral law ; all the infinite variety we see around us and all that
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aim at hastening the evolution of the process and the production of
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morals, and probably of idle and improvident habits, to remain un-
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early loss of consciousness, and a copious petechical and
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it broke down all her strength and made her a helpless invalid. She has truly been
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Dr. Amison, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and W. H. Favell, Esq., Sheffield.
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Section F. Psychology. — President: Professor Laycock, M.D.
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interminable in length, in praise of Dr. R., and of his medicines, ami of his inven-
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Examples of Extreme Cyslic Disease of the Kidneys. — Dr. Philipson
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suffering, the prevention of epidemics, and the cure of disease.
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In the upper part was the epiglottis, considerably altered in shape,
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Frohner determined the nature of 643 tumours removed from dogs
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yellow, and the motions somewhat darker. Hippuric acid was found
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Mr. Gilpin maintained that the opposition to vaccination was much
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pecting ever to be any better, until I went to Xew York, and I was induced by a
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times heal at the centre. This seborrhoea is dry, squamous, or crus-
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other Protective Resemblances among Animals is probably known to
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trophic changes developing in the tissues formerly supplied by the
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tula in PeriniEo", with Appendix, entitled "Reclamation ad-


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