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are given on p. 1097. If it cannot be made with certainty, treatment should be

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and the more attention we pay to it the more we have.

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" Take six good-sized potatoes, wash and pare them, and boil in two

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'spepsia: history or presence of drug allergy: blood

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The various communications referred to the committee were carefully considered, and

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perspiration, and a subsequent fall in the temperature and

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Uterus. Dr. Noble reports a personal experience of 278 operations

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* The term T. sabouraudi cannot be applied to this Trichophyton, as this

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Gentlemen, The occasion which convenes us together is one of vast

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veniently described in association with the myopathic rather than the

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The sections being continued further, it is no longer able to preserve its

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which were preceded by a choking sensation in the throat, palpitation and uneasiness

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by the occurrence of a consecutive degeneration of the substance of

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Dr. J. F. Erdmann referred to a recent case of inflamma-

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command over the muscular system that only comes from

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apparently referable to various affections of different organs, viz., the

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A horse is hit-wise when (the bit being correctly fitted and properly ad-

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to carry in any manner. ] Literally, ' * that which

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symptom being the interruption of the breathing. The

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Senate of this University, are exempted from this part of the

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profession, was more than an advocate, for he was considered to be

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Another object which I had in framing this Bill and

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V» itness — No, I knew how to practice without it, but could have

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planation of this fact does not appear difficult, when

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sis, alopecia; Special Senses: Transient blurred vision, xanthopsia.

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reddish spot which disappears entirely in a few days, and sometimes a

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accordingly, for various outward manifestations of tertiary

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estimated not to exceed 5s. a week on an average. Mrs. M. A.


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