Deltasone 10 Mg

hogs on a farm where there has recently been an infectious swine-disease
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were sent to Prof. V. A. Moore for diagnosis. There was some
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the chill. A diffusible stimulant was prescribed, and warm cloth-
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sanitation, must have the support of the public. That we may
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sanatoria are very expensive. Most of the large institutions, where people
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"Chauffard, A.: Pathogenie de I'ictere congenital de I'adulte, Sem. med., 1907, No.
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Quinine: Action. — The treatment of malaria consists almost entirely
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Faust, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and around the table at divergent points
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Dr. S. S. Whitbeck, Decorab, Iowa, spends a portion of hid time
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the diet (see p. 387), which must be so chosen as to avoid everything that
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infected by throwing into the stream in which they lived the excreta
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part of the small intestine and has already persisted a considerable time,
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tion. 4. Spasmotoxin, prostrates quickly with chlorine and tonic
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hydrochloride 1 G. (15 gr.), sodium chloride 0.75 G. (12 gr.), distilled
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Agea/'^ Raxgoox"' axd Formosa,^ Ixdta. — Very common
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ment a matter of the gravest consideration. So long as men are
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pole, usually the anode, and to the other pole is attached a large plate-
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Autointoxication may take place in all the domestio species,
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probably be others in which this malady is just beginning to
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plants are gathered on the hills. The treatment is chiefly
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As a rule, the disturbance in the powers of locomotion, as well as
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largely for this purpose. The butter of Denmark is not made on
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shot, so that the weight may be altered at will. In either case the ball is
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for another visit, but, when going through Mr. Dean's pasture,
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putrefaction, and that the milk does not clot. But the value of
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improve everything pertaining to the business of milk-production
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the wound less healthy. The patient's diet had been improved after
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Experiment Station, records the experience of a farmer living near
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lin, 9 grammes. Rub a small portion into the parts three times


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