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are given, also the gross and microscopical appearances

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wound. Each perloration was closed by a double row of con-

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versity College Liverpool ; J. Dixon. Guv's Hospital ; T. H Dufon

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tion there is a nerve element in the menstrual state, as shown

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Scottish universities will continue to afford attractions to the

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Pasfied in Physiotogy onli/. — F.K.Stur6ee, St. Thomas's Hospital ; S. G.. '

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Act there had been a decrease in the number of uncertified

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Torquay : Case of Epilepsy associated with an Anomalous

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regards number.-^, well vaccinated, and it is significant that the youngest

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trouble at all. Tliere was certainly no direct relation between

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causing cold air to rush in with great force every time the

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any trouble from hasmorrhage in seeing to incise the capsule.

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there at once bulged a mass the size of a horsebean, very soft

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tion of the "cap " spoken of as showing the presence of gas.

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Movements of Eyelids with Motion of Lower Jaw.— Mr. A. W.

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sli 'uld have a daily batii of corrosive sublimate " A candidate of very

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pressure, a high temperature, a moist atmosphere, a ad the

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digestion, viz., three to five minutes. The stronger solutions

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subjects are treated in the light of the extensive experience

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List of candidates who, upon their answering, were qualihed for

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upon or competent to decide as to the correctness of the suspicion.

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„ 8. Organs ol digestion. By Arthur Hensman and Frederick

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is now generally admitted by the county councils that the medical

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cimpelied to hang on for pension, efficiency is It sseued, and promotion

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series of cases of fatal influenza which had come under my

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pleasant symptoms have followed, but no opportunity has

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piridin,^ kept at hand in a watch glass; it may presently be pushed be-

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age have died. The presence of brain substance, if ascer-

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tobacco is justifiable in all cases of heart disease, or even in

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moval of predisposing factors. They base their conclusion on

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in the Armn List as liable to recall to sei-vice, would state whether the

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tirely through the uterus. From the character of the f;«"es

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Mr. R. Macnamara. Those mentioned are Dr. Donnelly, Dr.

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dling" and of self-distrust. Moreover, English boys, like Eng-

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University of Stockholm has already power to grant, in case

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wires, the tips of which were 2 naillimetres apart, and were

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Fenton, Wm. Hugh, M.A., M.D,, L.K.C.P., appointed Physician to the

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imputed interested motives in this matter to (rovernment

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Further comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated at-


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