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morphine, using about one-quarter of a grain. This is

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deal of hard work during the day and had felt as though

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and continued to ooze out for two or three months, then

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third designation) an Alonsoa ; and our list is by no means exhausted. Going on at this

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way, if the test is negative, hemolysis or agglutination will not take place

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the vapor bath, which so far relieved her, as to lead us to hope,

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In the Parisian hospitals the sick are separated into classes^

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and abduction, the pelvis being immovable, when the examina-

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Exhaust the Grindelia, etc., (all in coarse powder)

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syringe ; and after this, some tincture of myrrh may be

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from the medical profession, and I take this opportunity to renew my acknowledg-

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wrought wondrously in the realms of applied science that God in His

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nia is known by its restoring the blue color to the red litmus paper.

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Jicvi/o-'d, That the thanks of the Medico-Legal So-

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opening so made had been kept open by tlie daily use

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three daies they laie as dead stockes, looking still when they

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infrequently injured for life, both as mother and as

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lengths, that is, longer, slower and of greater amplitude,

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His conclusions are, in brief, that we should wait for some

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daily, in combination with such intestinal antiseptics as salol, beta-

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simply because the patient, in spite of her training as a nurse,

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ago he was attacked similarly, and after five days'

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presented for examination, being obviously mentally deficient,

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scissors are all that would be required. The examination,

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cocaine on the tonsils. In five or ten minutes I repeat

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success in the culture of the soil, and consequently greater purity of the

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ranged with cross-pieces, to which were fastened iron hooks

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inferior vena cava ; but in such oases, there will be usually also a varicose state of the

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Skin. Second Edition. By T. W. Belcher, M.A., M.D. Dub-

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