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form of relapsing typhoid, in which a portion of the
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require the free oxygen of the air for their growth and multiplication,
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an instrument of this kind the fluid can be drawn off by means of
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parts of the book on which we would willingly dwell, nor of the
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marked elevation of temperature, and by a very intense
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(AIDS) are far reaching. In caring for a number of patients in
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lead one to believe that with this test the precipitate
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striking fact is that when the bile escapes around the
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infection was brought without hindrance to Mecca, and
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Secretary of HEW, directed to James H. Sammons, M.D., is
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294^297.— Spicer ("W. T. H.) Contracture and other con-
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washed out daily by freely injecting tepid water into it. The spine and
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Albert Einstein Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson University Hos-
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which is wound many layers of insulated copper wire.
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theless, observe that neither the reason nor the facts adduced by Professor
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which a change of physicians was likely to produce in patients suffer-
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1. Columns of Goll ; 2. Columns of Burdach; 3. Direct cerebellar column; 4. Crossed pyra-
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No attempt, therefore, will be made to write a classical
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Certainly, no physician could boast of such results. He thought
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in his career he served as private physician to Archelaus,
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Accrtra, 'A*i)i/at, 1854-5, ii, 40,— Robertson (D. A.) Note
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comes frothy, enters the pulmonary capillaries, and
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With no desire to appear as criticising Dr. Mayo's brilliant
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(3) In regard to risk, I think we may safely say that
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the admission of inmates, and'^the names of officers. Then follows an alpha-
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of the body may not be brought to his attention. The growth takes


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