Como Comprar Pariet Com Desconto

of the University Medical College of Kansas City, 1896;

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occasioned by the introduction into the system of a specific or peculiar

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SUET. Sevttm. The fat of the ovis aries, or the sheep. It consists

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the glycerin and lard contain as little water as possible.

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fers. We have given sulfa drugs in plenty of cases.

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EATON'S STYPTIC. The name given in this country to the

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The term is, however, frequently applied to an incomplete action of

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I insipidus have been applied to it, according as the saccharine quality ot

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Tricho-pathohtpy would tlieii denote an account or description of hair-

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each of white wax and fine turpentine, and 32 parts of spermaceti, and

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FLO'RA (Flora, the goddess of flowere). A conventional term

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glutition and respiration. The name is derived from the dread of

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former, it will prove an admirable alterative and tonic in second

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Electroscope {aKoirica, to examine). An instrument for indi-

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gata, at the bottom of the lateral sulcus. — Bell.

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of caustics, which are milder in their operation than the escharotics.

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“ the electric current is limited to the skin and tissues immediately

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a seleniferous deposit from a sulphuric acid chamber at Tilkerode, in

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medius, or middle finger; the annrdaris, or ring-finger; and the

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3. Tractus respiratorius. Respiratory tract ; a name given by Bell

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support the dennotieural spines, forming the rays of the dorsal fin or

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advanced life; pityriasis versicolor, dandriff characterized bv the

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excrescences consist chiefly of hypertrophied skin and areolar tissue.—

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accepted as a part of the inevitable and mysterious

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smaller than the trapezium, and also called os multangulum 7niims.

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11. Vena vorticosa. A designation of the veins which principally

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oil, and probably some astringent matter. Ten pounds of leaves yield

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2. Gemmiparous (yeinma, a bud, ai\d paro-e, to bring forth), or the

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ability to restore itself to normal if the cause is re-

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originally signified something that was rubbed upon the joints, but was

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for oral or parenteral administration. They are rigidly standardized

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Physicians who keep their own books will find this of

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SALVATE'LLA. The name of a. \cm (salvatella quasi salrator,


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