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suppose the ravages of the disease at Naples can hardly

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more or less affected in every case which has come under his ob-

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Profession, we do not believe that it as a ■whole, or any more

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Erysipelas. — In rare cases erysipelas of the face extends to the mouth,

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BURG : Dr. Max von Frey, of Zurich, has been appointed to

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you could get into the abscess cavity. If, after finding caries of bone,

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the poor) to 10%. As a person's income (tax liability) rose the federal assistance would decrease. A special table

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tered nervous system. Sleep must be induced by natural means.

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tincture of cannalns indica is also etRcacious against

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lar action of the heart, or excessive action, dyspnoea, and even dropsy,

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sausage. 'They were taken sick shortly afterwards with vom-

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Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia

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are the result of uremic (or possibly other) intoxication in

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w r as inserted into the trachea and the animal then placed in a salt solution

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for twenty-four hours. She was allowed only to sip iced water

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Table 2 - Percentage of toxicology reports available for firearm fatalities in

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during its residence in the host. With each eedysis the larva approaches

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1211. — Food poi.soniuii at a schoid treat. Brit. M. J.,

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T wave in Lead III is no longer inverted and is more pronounced in the other

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iere trnni MX tn ten miles behind the line, yet the route taken by the

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from a case of Burn — Nev> Appointments— Special

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tion during two days, and in the same period the amount

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I hesitate to say, however, tliat Mr. Erichsen is entirely

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one rat four times in succession, for the snake seemed un-

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myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, heart block, stroke. Pychiatric: Euphoria, apprehension,

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experience furnished by the Prussian army. It appears that

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weight was evenly distributed. The results seemed to

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left, which curves around the aorta, is exposed to greater risk of injury

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assume that because the lower jaw is dropped, or the lips widely open, that

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lightly covered with a white fur ; and, together with the mu-

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to be approved on or after 13 November 1995, following

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evidently familiar with their use, and are in every re-

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with vomiting. In adults the paroxysms are less severe as a rule, although

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matters. This is often accomplished at the sacrifice

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in other states, that it is only a matter of time before

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have to get an education at any time during the twenty-four hours

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