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It is essential that such case-finding be pushed to

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in charge of this delightful evening’s entertainment.

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the official publication of the Medical Society of the State of

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sue always give increasing effects on the genital sys-

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Experience in hospitals, he also says, shows the disease to be

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pointed out before, this section specifically bans the

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• In the face of tension-producing stimuli, Rauwiloid,

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of his eye to normal. Incidentally, a chronic low back-

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remarks, that the cow-pox virus immediately from the cow,

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ing formulary, and other strictly professional material

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diet, and may also have a direct effect on nerve tissue. No

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Local Therapy of Nonrheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatism

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The following is a summary of the minutes of the October, 1954, meeting of the Council

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3 room office in small professional building. Excellent loca-

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applied to the diseases of children, visit at 8 and lecture at 9 o'clock.

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team, and the wastiDg and final destruction of the alveolar

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interference with instruments was necessary, or even where

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beds, the patient should have the right of free choice

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pioneering investigations of the effects of x-ray and

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‘free choice of physician’ bill by Senator McCullough;

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interesting character ; such a serious result following on symptoms appa-

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G. Y. Dorsey, of Ohio, on the causes and cure of Indigestion, e^e-

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nation, he believed that “the physical and mental

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would attend a fracture of the humerus near its head, and even a frac-

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Since the president of the State Medical Society is

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ural Childbirth”; Dr. Thomas F. Fra wley, associate

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finding any other focus of infection I advised enuclea-

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myopia, and I did not mention anything about dosage

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resulting in a noticeable improvement in the quality

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Esq., counsel for the Medical Society of the Count}'


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