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the sloAV laboiu'ing pulse of brain disease is universally recognised. Then,
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were not effiM:ed, and the cortical or gray substance had not ex-
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considerable degree, as they may be, for instance, by the hot
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These remedies are not calle<l for if the symptoms be not urgent, and they
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patient, •' Take a little ether and let me save you much
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call the S burner * (Figs. 2- A and 2-B). The original
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or absence of the lens, and depends upon the fact that
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is almost always also spinal, and constitutes one of the manifestations of
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Dr. JOBSON HOKNE : There are one or two points about this case wliich
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Or as a lotion the following may be used upon the face:
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to be the exact perpendicular. This error is read off on a scale.
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proves to me that I belong here after all. Indeed I
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3. Diffuse Nephritis^ Parenchymatous Wejyhntis, BrigMs
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dose of cefixime in enteric fever in adults
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indispensably necessary for him to prove that the child was born alive, or that
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given locality loaded with the cholera poison. It then
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Second Assistant Physician in the New York State Lunatic
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mon variety only in their greater depth of color. These lesions all
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perience, that her suffering would be more severe as long as her urine
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In cattle there is no relation between cervical gland infection and lung
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mania restraint is absolutely necessary and mast be exercised
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electrode through the mouth into the stomach it was always found to
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stomach was ecchymosed. There did not appear to be any
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bronchitis, are formed in the cavities of the right side of the heart, be-
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sure that Dr. Cheatham is right as to the uncertainty of these cases, the
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Then Theophrastus, the celebrated in botany's realm and strife,
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'" •;;''''""^' ' ■""— l"-n^--lH-..unl,,nul,„ul,„,n.
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to learn of the vast amount of obscene literature distrib-
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A Treatise on Pharmacy. By E. Parrish, late Professor Phil. Col-
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thus tied before the kidney was completely removed. Very
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opiates in order to quiet the stomach and raider tlie syutem more tolerant
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as a goose-egg, occupying the submaxillary and superior carotid
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in just such cases as those described by him, but last-
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Dr. Agnew's remarks, and lost, and Dr. Loomis' reso-
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appearances, recovered from syphilis, and most frequently in the fourth
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screened with varying thicknesses of aluminium from 0'2 mm. to 2 mm.


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