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rarely, a form of dysenteric diarrhoea. By others it is well borne, and one of my
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(3) although the data are too few for a final conclusion, there is
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pain locally, the vessels of that part will admit and become distended
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an ice-bag may be applied locally and morphine given hypoder-
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the most probable explanation of the apparently contradictory nature of the
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ical cauterization, which produced its effects by means
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The passage of this bill shows the gradual awakening of the community to
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of the Barbers Company at Monkwell Street. I think, therefore, that
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under Duchenne's observation, it appears to have been hereditary.
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According to Babinski, " hysteria is a psychical condition, rendering the
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by numerous experiments, these adds possess to a peculiar degree
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the beginning that this time-honored custom be re-established ; in fact,
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without the presence of albumin in the urine, and that ursemia may
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tion at the cutaneous wound is very rare, being restricted
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upon the legs liad been about two years. On further
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through the dorsal column ; we also confirmed earlier obser-
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me upon a good many points. I am quite in concurrence with what
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zharop()nizhavushtsliavo liecheniya na chastotu vozvratov
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ministration, unless when given to an extent sufiicient to de-
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blue light, which gives it still further place in therapeutics.
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remedy had up to the present time been used in diphtheria
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of hypertrophied prostate is generally
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viii.), and in Siberia as myriachit, that in all probability the affections
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the milder subjective sensations associated with spinal meningitis. In
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only in the morning, and raises very little, which is white and frothy, not
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indirectly so excited, being more directly called into play by
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those who have tried it, namely the experiment, that
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tion was not quite as great as after the first rupture,
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sometimes possibly from hunger, but often for sheer amuse-
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Rabinowitsch and Kempner, in Berlin, found 41.8 per cent. In Paris they
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fact that hysterectomy destroys the function of repro-
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neous generation, no longer existed. Hereafter, the oviparous
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they lower low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
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I have seen shock alone cause death in these bad cases I cannot seri-
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Thus we may hope that the time is not distant when the indica-
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night in the hospital, to be subject to calls with-
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are such general subjects as child hygiene, mental hygiene, medical
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riving at an approximate estimate of the quantity secreted
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have a beneficial effect in glaucoma. In a case of this disease which came
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Treatment. — ^As the indications firom the cause and £rom the dis-
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later. On September 15 she passed a large piece of growth which was
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sternum, between the junctions of the second and fourth ribs, and to the cartilages
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Two days before, he had been suddenly attacked with faint ness
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the room after the patient recovers, the following procedure should
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mitral valve replacement five years before, plus his current
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conjectured that the disease is sometimes a manifestation of rheumatism.
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distress, however, soon passes away, and is succeeded by
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ous, viz., iron. One of the best cardiac tonics —


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