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development, the cause must be sought and combated; if external,

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defects have been observed, both in regard to common sensibility and the

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or impulse, constant supervision and control become necessary, either h

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it may be better at first to keep the parts soaked with a lead and cala-

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beyond the fact that there is a congenital disposition to it. On account

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scales, and the mouths of the sebaceous glands are dilated and filled

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1. De Amicis. "Due oasi di cisti multiplied di connessivi sotto-cutanei di 'cysti-

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muscles, and lack of staying power ; there is constant restlessness, the urine

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In the usual course the child dies in from two to ten days — the

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factors classed under heads (i.), (ii.), and (iii.), but rather explains their

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r-,,^ H«HHHn»NG«INH I-H C*j i-l i-H CO CO "* CM CO CO

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pared cover glasses, blood smears are made in the usual

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ments. In other instances they will imitate words and movements, or

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anoint them with balsam, that this ignorance may fall from

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cover in excess the greatest foe to physical vigor and mental

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The sebaceous glands and in some degree the hair follicles become in-

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symptom group to which the name of neurasthenia is given is in any

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"hysterical"; next, because, as Dr. Buzzard has shown, disseminate

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portion of it which lies between the superficial network of blood-vessels and

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(b) Draw alcohol through the pipette by suction, to remove

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as the epidermis is falling. For more restricted application the ung. picis

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tumour undergoes softening, when slight injury will readily interfere

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' prurigo,' and the latter term is applicable to any malady of which itching

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embedded. The little growths are usually numerous, therefore closely

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above 101°, and may within two days become normal, the patient may

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other solvent the hydrogen ion would be different. This empha-

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the treatment was the same. I was slowly tickled under the arms whilst

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variably idle. Even in workhouses and in prisons, whither so many of

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to the original name, even although a somewhat better one be subse-

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London district (Northampton excepted) has provision been made for poor

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35. Thibierge. Dictionnaire eneyclopidique des sciences midicales, 4th section,

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the size of a pinhead), and the grouping serums are added before

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chromic-sulfuric acid mixture. The cleaning mixture

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its effects, but as illustrating the credulousness of men, and

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where analgesia has been established the reflexes are abolished.

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of the great toe. " Its distribution is so characteristic that it enabled the

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phenomena (such as tingling, numbness, etc.) may be so prominent as to

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by burning, tingling, itching, stiffness, or even acute pain in the hands,

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the cell structure ; but we do not as yet know enough about the nature of

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tion," or " systematisation," which gives its special feature to paranoia.


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