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discussed by E. W. Goodall.^ He "is not accustomed to lay much stress
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little use, and was led to employ, as the best application, a solution of
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asked Dr. Higgins whether the cases given as negative Inul more than one swab
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164 Experimental Cerebrospinal Meningitis in Monkeys.
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account is this ; the front surface of the belly is to be
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for relieving the effects which they produce, and of the men
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and the main building, were taken out before the flames
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so as never to make the heart beat faster than is abso-
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If such an authority as Metchnikoff believes that the
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sections; and I would furthermore suggest to the Program Com-
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After his colleo;e duties became so absorbing, he confined
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clining, the attending physician should consider the
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seemed more developed transversely ; for the right thigh and
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which usually can be given without difficulty once the blood pressure has stabilized. If symptomatic hypotension
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currence is more likely in patients of an advanced age.
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that the same appearances can be obtained in practically any blood
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lished in the Medical Record. Among other things, he recom-
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final preparation. A toxin-antitoxin mixture of stabilized materials
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as chicken-breast. The exact diagnosis was puzzling,
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du pied-hot congenital. Alu. Soc. de med. de Gaud, 1891,
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red and vascular. At its anterior part the peritoneum was
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all the so-called cardinal symptoms, can never be regarded as in its nature
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nucleated granular corpuscles of about the size of leukocytes, the
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a small dose of morphin. Ammonium chlorid must be given
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37. Winternitz, M. C, and Hirschfelder, A. D. : Studies on Experimental
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very large, weighing as much as several pounds, in which case they
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cutaneous areolar tissue. It opens obliquely on the surface by a
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chloric acid and some form of pepsin so frequently given to whet
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being directed outwards and upwards to reach the anterior border of the
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there is no consensus, and the field is evolving. To strongly
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begin independently as a papillary or warty growth. It pre-
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Analysis of all our figures of total acidity shows that their
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to distinguish between three conditions : (l) Those which favour the trans-
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the frequency much exceed 120. An unfavorable progress of the disease
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course very painfiil, but not impossible. A ten per cent
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smeared on, are applied spread fairly thickly on cotton or linen torn into
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ington L. Atlee, and so does Graily Hewitt. But, on the other side, a
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held in St. Paul, June 3. The following officers were elected:
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Court of Queen's Bench ; and he (Dr. Stewart) trusted
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intensities yielded various results. These facts reveal the importance


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