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Rome, late Pretour. Rut to come againe to women, hardly
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cases, 14 deaths ; erysipelas, 3 cases, o deaths ; mumps, 5.
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Management for Students ami Practitioners. With One
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illustrates his article with a series of skiagraphs and
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cylinder and all glasses." This was not the first time that
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on Wednesday, Thursda\'. and Friday, November i6th,
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1. The Theory of the Oatmeal Treatment in Diabetes,
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"radiations," we are now stranded — and in a retro-
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is likely to be as effectual as would be an attempt
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devoted to a consideration of the subject of psychotherapy.
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good at any ioda fountain for a glass of Coca-Cola.
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the spirochaetae in syphilitic products under the in-
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gauge the relation of the child's head to the pelvic
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voted to a discussion of the subject from the medical and
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as in the sixteenth century, and now it marciies in
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18 needle tubing is used for the longer, No. 16 for
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Russia — Batum. territory Nov. 24-Oct. 1 Present.
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festations have been discussed more especially with
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Thurston, E. J., Pharmacist. Granted three days' leave
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submit to such examination, or obstructs the same, his
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are guilty of these crimes we may materially reduce
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see the need of such a helper. But I think it neces-
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quired, the period under general narcosis is greatly
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once that my face gave. ... I think of the time when 1
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.Metropolitan J^nilding, .Sixteenth Street and Court Place,
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appeal strongly to our emotional fellow practition-
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motor ataxia are traceable to syphilis, and that al-
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fers no opportunity for dealing with intraabdominal
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4. The Surgical Treatment of Ulcerative Perforation of
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26th, ++, June 6th, -| — |-, September 22d, -| — |- (recurrence
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mony of the results of his own clinical experience,
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September 4, 1909. Lijected with 150,000,000 of Colev's


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