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sides of the abdomen, which should be covered with a flannel roller.

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being more common when the cysts are multilocular. Rupture may

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of stasis, and this is probably the most frequent form. It is met in

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are recognized : (1) Interlobular ; and (2) Vesicular, an abnormal dila-

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with acute articular rheumatism, in about 10 per cent, of the cases in

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and the diet is of importance. Skimmed milk and buttermilk, or

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mental worry. These patients are usually affected at the same time with

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structure dividing it into two, almost separate, compartments.

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(c) Purely accidental mercurialization also occurs, {d) Women and children

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absent if situated above. When the carcinoma involves the papilla of

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wore the pessary three years and the result was that we had to

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Diseases of Women. By J. Blaxd Suttox, F.R.C.S., Assistant

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proportion of cases. Wheeler has operated successfully in one instance

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to involvement of the conducting fibers, which atrophy iu time unless

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the cases, sometimes dating back over two or more generations. While

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malt and alcoholic intoxicants seem to be liable to the disease. It is

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Serous Apoplexy. — The cases present clinical evidences of apoplexy,

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in an enlargement of the loAver turbinated processes, together with red-

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and is carried onward into the uterus where impregnation occurs.

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carbolic acid, hydrogen peroxid, Labarraque's solution, potassium per-

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Avell-marked cases presents an anemic appearance : a stitch-like pain in

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many of the groups or systems of fibers. These exist because cells

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climates, particularly during the winter months, aggravate this disease,

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caused by inhaling metallic particles, particularly iron oxid.

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measles and scarlatina may also lead to narrowing of the mitral orifice,

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standard abbreviation for suite

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the later stages of the disease the volume of the muscles becomes less

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infection ; and in operations upon the peritoneum (not involving the in-

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clear, thin, yellowish, watery urine. The specific gravity is low, and

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other parts of the body. It must be remembered, however, that it does

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the specific gravity ranges from 1010 to 1014, and the variation in the

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The well-known ability of the author is a sufficient guarantee of its

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rounded tumor the size of a hen's egg. This was a diverticular

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body, and the posterior and lateral columns of the cord, which are rein-

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at the apex than at the base. The point of maximum intensity of this

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It may be unwise in alcoholic cases to stop the alcohol suddenly, but each

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mends venesection in cases in which venous congestion is present, and also


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