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October 5th. An undertaker was immediately summoned,
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defects in anatomical structure give rise to the conclusion that
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and transverse planes are of unusual value in correlating the underlying
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On the other hand, the water-gas process consists in a large
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cially barns), or close to cattle, or near chimneys and fire-
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the signs left about the lungs are rather more pronounced
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arrangement of the nails ; and the wear of the shoe, whether
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Opening its psychiatric programs in 1959, St. Mary’s continues its history of caring for
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The Treatment of Tubercular Glands. George Coffin Johnston, Pitts-
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been used to accomplish the unlawful purpose. Thus it has
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there seems little need to expect one that will run and keep time.
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tation than a false diagnosis in this emergency and direction,
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Convalescents stroll cheerfully about the grounds in blue suits
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exceptionally early change, so early, indeed, and so transient,
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St. Mary’s is the only health care entity in the Tri-Cities Area
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Its record of humidity is even more stable — being
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the oxygen is liberated in the active form by special enzymes, the
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has found that cold destroys the red blood-globules, and this
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in court, to disclose all he knows of any case in question, even


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