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Secondly, The existence of any gross visceral disease ought next to be

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stricture, and therefore his remarks were based on an expe-

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cated generally with some internal organic mischief, often of the lungs. For

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of congenital stricture than is embraced in Thompson's

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contrary, presented infundibula, and then degenerated into cords ;

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5. Flap Extraction. — " Of the 28 operations of flap extraction we have had

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parties concerned is absolutely essential to the satis-

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citement has been given as the proximate cause, there was a predis-

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The fractures of the pelvis in the strong person occur

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day. Carbonated waters are said to increase the trouble. It is

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is no other evidence of jaundice. There may be a history

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country (except England), the Congressists who numbered some 1,200, and

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care. Do not fail to remember, then, that while every severe

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the custom to give altogether too large doses of thy-

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begins to escape into the blood; hence the necessity for its reintro-

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same time, the ratio of admissions to the numbers resident is

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other subjects the nitrogen required daily for ecjuilibrium was about 10

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number of cases for which no clear organic cause can be found, and

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departments of medicine and psychiatry at the University of

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mittee are already, under the zealous presidency of Dr. Stokes,

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antagonist that has been formulated as either an ocular

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generosity showed more in his death than in his life. He was not

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wick-street Westminster, in 1773, gives prescriptions for that combina-

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In the third class of cases, the severe form, the reaction of degeneration

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anajmia, was excluded by the absence of progressive

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Wl«reYer Homosopathy has penetrated, the followers of H»&m»mAs^

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and has examined its chemical and physiological properties. Sobrero, who

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62 Mr. Butlin's Case of Epithelioma of the Vocal Cords.

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appointed chairman for next year, and Drs. W. A. Sewell and

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^6ct When the nervous irritability is merely diminished, but not

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