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Mr. Lloyd's care, in St. Bartholomew's, on account of a hydrocele, which had
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The experiments so far give great promise ; that is to say, that one injec-
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What must it not have been to think that hospital gangrene,
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^iuuei generale a serviciulul sanitar asnpra apel de ali-
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generacy more or less conspicuous, and the organs are of defective
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practitioner in New York for a number of years, and was
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however, are those affecting the islands of Langerhans, as in chronic
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3. On Ozone and Its Generation bv the Static Current for
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or without apparent softening and progressive destruc-
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General Hospital In 1896, and photographer as well,
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what it really has to show establishes indisputable proof that there is
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from a large opening in a full stream so as to relieve promptly the congestion
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and Robert W. Lovett,' M.D., F.A.C.S. Pp. 699; 712 illustra-
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mucosa with a diffusely red, raw, beefy appearing mucosa.
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which the practitioner is likely to desire concerning
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industry laboured as if life was all too short for the work he had
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discovered in this country, it was first introduced as an
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fever, that the danger had practically no real existence, and that
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voluntarily. There was no evidence of paralysis, or ex-
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Excessive Intestinal Putrefaction in Melancholia. — In
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tho telegniph informed us of tho boHlowal upon l)r. IJillingh of
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tlie posterior nerve-roots, are comi)aratively small, and,
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as was shown by the occurrence of concretions of uric
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" wealth, commonly called spotted or petechial fever, to
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groups arranged by causes of death (Table V) brings out certain
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hyaline masses in the necrotic areas ; the latter probably derived from
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a repetition of explosions, each succeeding one lessens
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thoroughly enough; moreover, it should be understood, as Sorensen
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would be still more inclined to this view ; but should an opposite state of
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Open discussion on Etiology and Pathology of Cirrhoses :
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thenia. The measure is admissible, under the conditions just stated, when-
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K This Society is to be congratulated on the prompt publi-
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one example, recorded by Dr. Garrod, the daily amount of urine
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characteristics of many forms of mental aberration have been so
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while coffee floats for a short time." As a matter of fact, there is no
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hood, a chronic discharge from the right ear. He had had several acute
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The neurological status was reported as normal by the attending neuro-
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the leg and toot were still more enlarged, and the internal malleolus was
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the parent lives. The source of the adapted structure of living
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died of phthisis, one after another, in youth and early adult life,


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