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but a year afterwards I suffered without being able to trace the source.

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nant, tubercular, or syphilitic character, and, when slight, to

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extremity. Thrombosis, the result of changes in the tunics of the ves-

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pneumonic attacks of children at the height of the disease, but it was

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conditions will also frequently respond to gastric lavage and some-

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to its treatment that its pathology should be understood, we

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ness of the larynx, which can he helped by a spray of hydrocarbon

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attended in his illness by Dr. F. \. Miles, but after a

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thrusts his fingers into his mouth, as if to remove the

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enza, indeed, the influenza may precipitate the first

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If Patient suffers fromTHE BLUES (Nerve Extiaustion),

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complaints of pain in the left side of the chest, were symptoms which

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from which the air can be gradually exhausted the appear-


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