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you're right. I honestly don't think I'm going to be

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ment — inunction of mercury and iodide of potassium. A duration of two

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sound scientific bacteriologic research — and it brings

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perfect condition — i. e., if such attempts are attended with

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in the articulations of the ossicula, which small joints appear

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fraud, and it would have been fatal to their cause to

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was flat again and the tenderness gone. From that time,

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attacks are less frequent if the condition is ameliorated by treatment. The

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liquid gives rise to an electric charge on their surface, the density of

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is partially dried and then placed on a white ground and

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in New York City at the College of Physicians in 1859 and

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dry state, mix in thoroughly a small teaspoonful baking powder

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fected at one time. The odor from the formaldehyde can be effectually removed

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rally and died about an hour later. The abdomen was

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tainous excursions, which had inured him to the influence of the

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occupied by the poor ; viz. CliflP-street, John-street,

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of a circular depression : as, c. of the optic disk.

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the cerebellum. Of these, nystagmus usually develops when the

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case in Fishamble-lane, five in Paul-street, one in Brown-street, one case

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The patient was rational; pulse, rapid; face, pallid; pain, acute; condition,

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the patient, but, on the contrary, created a predisposition

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structed ; and the liquid is either purulent or serous if the absence of jaundice

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erence as to who supported them, are abandoned. And if the physician of

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eral cases shows that a series of estivoautumnal attacks is followed

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a. d. chir. Klin. d. k. Univ. Berl., 1899, xiv, 136-147, 1 pi.

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pital, paroxj'sms took place at intervals of a few moments for fourteen

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sidHy^.'^-y • ^^f jijg j^iiig is rare: it not infrenuentlv


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