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to determine more definitely the extent to which this method

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weeks during which time they become moderately hard and

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but muscular movements could still be executed. Then pinch-

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it is natural to suppose that when the two are brought together

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tongue unchanged, which is very conclus. nee, to my mind,

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Upon examination, I found the vagina to be very capacious — a

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name — Syrup of Figs — means to the medical profession "the

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vjith Phosphorus" &c. By Wm. M. Bolixg, M. D. (Abridged

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tient experiences a sensation of dryness in the throat. At the same

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sion, that the mother of this last child had lost three of her offspring

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"II est probable qu'en dormant des boissous huileuses dans le

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noxious fluids of all kinds, than to wound the urethra from with-

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We will suppose, then, that cold and wet, a sudden transition of

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With the progressive notions of the ^^"^ ^'/'^ ^^^ various interests of the So-

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and other products have been temporarily arrested and busi-

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and also that, as suggested by Dr. Wynn Williams, it constitutes

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present here and there little diffuse centers of catarrhal pneu-

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anterior vaginal wall, distort the cervix, miles from me. I found her suffering with

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into Southern Europe from Peru, South America, about the

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was not the result of accident. That is lected surgery in nearly every State in this

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first time. The case in question was that especially when it is of a recurrent type.

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