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Every person shall find a certain remedy in the laws

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been placed at the disposal of Cornell Medical College.

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9. The Cuyahoga River and much of the water along the

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nent county medical society accept as a member a physi-

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specific organism used in the immunization, hemolysis does not

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January 1978/New York State Journal of Medicine 111

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the left eye twenty-one times. Consanguinity of parents has

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toms may persist indefinitely after the discontinuation of

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existence and the correct limitation of dispensary work in

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A letter from the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent's Charity Hospital

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portant in the differentiation of neurologic diseases

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Immunity : Experiments have been conducted to determine

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where more than one member of a family were affected.

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out of work. The effect of all this on the national

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IS greater, the concrete should be moulded into blocks ai d then

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Waddell, it is evident that there is no difference in the effects or toxicity of

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due chiefly to the pathologic anatomical changes present in chronic syphi-

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is hypertrophic cirrhosis, tumor or other diseased conditions of the liver,

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iodate, an energetic methemoglobin producing drug. The adult dose is

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the thickaoa of the mould or print of butter. The sidee a( the

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the dispensary is only for the needy poor. In regard to cooperation, he

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•nd anally occur, without ^„l::' Period of gesution. a^

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fied Milk" that has been changed or reduced in any way, by the addition

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of reinfection, it can be inferred that a second attack of the dis-

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were aflame. To make matters worse, she overheard her

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208 New York State Journal of Medicine/February 1978

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^m!^ Thia change varies in degree. There may be rupture

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warrant. I say this not in disrespect to any "ism" or "ist" but

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tion, and still more, commonly as a hypodermic injection for producing

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hyperostosis cranii or leontiasis ossea and arthritis deformans.

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The secretary of each component county medical soci-


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