Bupropion Holistic

return from leave, is posted to Saharunpore District.

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tive demerits of draught and stuffiness will allow. It is

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tdu, t liave left the service, and the one marked thus H died of phtliisis

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shown by photographs) since the beginning of the treatment

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by the Society was a very high one, and he had every reason

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begin his course of three Arris and Gale lectures on Physi-

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history, which had been most carefully noted by Dr. Austin.

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London; Dr. 8. M. Copeman, London; Dr. H. Carter, Scarborough;

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duties on spirits realised during the past year, had been na

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as all hepatic cases are, a restricted diet is essential ; but

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session will be held at the Bell Medical Library, Cleveland Road, Wolver-

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tension and the intestinal coils m:ide visible markings on the abdominal

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battalion took place at Headquarters, 71, Upper Kennington Lane, on

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of considerable skill and experience— having failed to deliver

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the victims of the epidemic, and for their clothing, bedding,

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which were so mobile that they could have been recognised

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local muscular condition ; the nervous centres are also at

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and is 2.3 per l.i.iuii below the mean rate in the corresponding periods of

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He has been awarded the Vohinteer Officer's Decoration ( V. D. ).

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Authors desiring reprints of their articles published in the British

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less prominently before us while the patients were separately

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small fibroid tumours of the uterus. There is little or no

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active hyperremia terminates in this manner. A distinction

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Midwifery— ii. H. Grace. St. Bartholomew's Hospital

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Dkyland, John Winter, M R.C.S.Eng., L.S. A., reappointed Medical OflScer

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recovered ; 10 had not been vaccinated until within a few

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balsam. Professor Kaposi destroyed the disease freely with

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A.M. to 6 P.M. Members can have their letters addressed to

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dent of no small importance, and lays before me the task of

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the further question whether drugs or treatment of other

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have been so matted together as to require them to be re-

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