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scientists tending to substantiate positively the theory of
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the jaws ? How would you treat such closure, and the con-
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is hotter than usual — in stable phraseology, the horse Uows.
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pulse to a full and active one. This occurs, when the system
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potassium-containing foods may be adequate to control milder cases. In more severe cases sup-
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of having severe pain in the liver, and his urine as dark as
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fully tried. No mass or tumor palpable either by rectum or
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by testimony. So it must be with scientific facts. They
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an examination of the pus is made, the ordinary organisms of
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rigidity and tenderness on pressure was over the left lumbar and
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womb is diseased, and any treatment, to be success-
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as champagne, are useful during p)eriods of sudden circulatory depression.
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it iu a clean basin with the powder ; place the other
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bable that bromine might be found to act in this disease as it does in hos-
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wards is the presence of the friends of the patients. In a large
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has seen excellent results from the frequent application of a solution
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The " Arsenical Solution,'' commonly called " Fowler's Solution,''
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the removal of decayed teeth or stumps from the mouth,
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cially in males, and the abnormally developed sexual impulse,
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dairv cattle. In Norway, Sweden, Finland and Lapland, where the
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and lumber-room group really — the chronic dements." These constitute
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nally between the scapula and clavicle, a little nearer the former than the
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and many remedies without benefit. She again came to hospital
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all vessels — arteries and veins , as soon as they are recognized , by
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of a single day. It is very 'unfortunate that Ananias and Sap-
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tive work by urging upon your patients and all the members of their
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ripheral blood-vessels are evidently in a spastic state,
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ridges; hard, compact, internally pale grayish-brown, with
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TINE, and have ordered it frequently in cases of Dyspepsia,
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will depend largely on the state of the kidneys, and on the
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its twenty-first year, and the list of contributors is large and of
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set in the posterior end was often greatly prolonged and now and
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First, over half of the child’s total support must
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than 6 im, since the crithidial forms are very minute.
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W. E. Payne, M.D. — We are sorry to record Prof. Payne's illness, at his
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of Sciences, and his " Handbuch der specielle Pathologic und Therapie der
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