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was 102 degrees. Two days later the swelling of the
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stopped. Hiis treatment should not be entrusted to an
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child. The average duration of labor in primipariB was, for the
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1885, n. s., xl, 417; 441; 4(j6.— Kcger. Graphiscbe Dar-
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organic brain-disease. One can understand the \mn which accompanies
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of milk bottles used for cuspidors on more than one occasion.
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ciation, and of the Medico-Historical Society. He was highly
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1820 — twelve years before the first number of Chambers's Journal —
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the special department of diseases of women, it is right to state
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with impairments of varying degrees, gradually get under treat-
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no. 7.— Pitnlng tabls, shop No. II, with opal ucUnslve bowl
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in other laboratories under contract at the present time.
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l)y a continually increasing rotation. In an occipito-posterior case
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contagiousness of diseases — of no palpable secretion — based upon the
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addition to the appearance laid down as indications of
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the laws in five states and has proven practical and useful. It
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in bed after the acute stage one may stay as long as possible.
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the more or less severe character of the prevailing epidemic, according
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The indications for massage in gynecology are the same
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obtain a greater rate of cardiac beat than 150 by any stimulation of
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From several of my friends and colleagues of the com-
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was pressing the sides of this fistulous canal to see the
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a critical volume of blood loss that warrants transfusion
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eral infection due perhaps to several forms of cocci, and recently
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greater exposure to irritants and injury — is the middle tur-
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■and the cavity a good deal dilated. The aorta was
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much intense pain, and the general health of the little sufferer was
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oi syphilitics react positively, or no more than can be assumed to have
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fully appreciated by the profession, I submit brief
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various colours. The plain and violet hair powders are now
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further supported the views, already strongly expressed by the
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because it counteracts the local congenital defects, sutures the
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tying the carotid artery and resecting the facial nerve at the foramen
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of the window was open, so as to admit a blast from without l)lowing
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subsequent day during the session, under the charge of
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authorized to make entries in medical records; authorization for patient care
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nate use of alcoholic drinks, which it is well known are obtained here at
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disease, from the mildest to the most severe form, and then proceed to no-


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