Bactroban Dosage

XXII. Fleming (Edinb. Med. Journ., 1862, viii. 24). A man of

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tube was covered on the peritoneal surface with cysts ;

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medical schools than they now do. But I am equally convinced that

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velopment. This treatise, '"published in 1859, is today the standard

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on this subject and an exhaustive series of carefully conducted experiments,

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motile. It is a saprophyte of the buccal cavity, but

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pointed medical superintendent of the New State Tuber-

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1 The Relation of au Aural Service to the Xeeds of a General Hospital for Children. Clarence

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C.\SE IX. Mrs. v., aet. thirty-nine, had suffered for

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sity. — Dr. II. W. Stiles, associate professor of anatomy,

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Dr. J. W. Brannan seven days after admission showed no definite reac-

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ing on examination a slight accumulation of cloudy serum in the peritoneal

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other States were present and took part in the discussions,

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tion. Nevertheless, enough statistical evidence con-

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Repeated nephrotomy for pyonephrosis ; relapse; nephrectomy ; sup-

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with the slightest touch, and later fractured three or four times in every


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