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As is well known, in the quartan and tertian fevers the pj^rexia is

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the disease, in which all these vascular disturbances recur in remarkable

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jected suhcutaneously into the tissues of the painful part.

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lensis folium et flos, Bardana, Bcccabunga, Bolus Gallicus, Calx

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after removing from an infected district into one previousl}^ free from the

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part, the bacteria in the air belong to the harmless varieties, although the

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to be mistaken for hysteria, nothing being found after death to accoant

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hence diagrams which, on a lateral view, show much more than the

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The souring of milk is due to decomposition. Decom-

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were feeble 11 times, bronchial 4 times, tubular once, absent once, and

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of the tinctures of lobelia and bloodroot. Dose — ^Accord-

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into globules of various sizes ; and development of granule-cells. Some-

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at those points where there is a thin layer of lung between the liver

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Pleurisy, after recovery, usually leaves behind the proof of its

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opening established, through which pus flowed freely. Four

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from the man himself. "Twenty-six years ago, I had the shingles

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times, too, make the mistake of attempting to exclude out-

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The influence of counter-irritants may be summed up

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Let Physician and Surgeon Co-operate. — We cannot

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Program. Memorial Medical Center, 2801 Atlantic Avenue. Long

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pital. Such problems may be especially difficult to detect

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be handed to the resident librarian of the Academy, for


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