Atenolol Chlorthalidone 50 25 Tabs

Me. David Christie, M.B. (3o6, Dumbarton Road. Glasgow), wi-ites :

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took the M.D. degree in the University of Naples in 1881, is

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Shields has introduced the disease into South BIyth. and one from Mor-

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10.89 in. An appreciable amount of rain falls on an average

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Guy's. Hours of .Atfendance.-'Medica.l andSurgical, daily, 1.30; Obstetric,

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Cakrutheks. J. F., M.B., C.M.Edin., appointed Medical Officer for the-

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cough in Nottingliam, Birkenhead, Bolton, Oldham, Bradford, and Gates-

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Bethnal Green, 2.i.3in Strand, 23.4 in Wliitechapel, 23.8 in St. George

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to necropsy (6) the haemorrhage was strictly limited to grey

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former having usually necessitated irretrievable loss to the

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LiVESAY.— On December 27th, 1802, at Penmaenmawr, Elizabeth, wife of

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defenders of the hospital, whereby he exposed himself to a cross fire

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disease as a constitutional one, of which the lung changes

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in the third stage of labour. External pressure liad no doubt

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development. Some are encysted, and in this condition may

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Trinidad, and also read a resolution of tlie Trinidad and To-

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and a typical representation of eczema marginatum. The last

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tivation of attenuated and exalted- cholera bacilli, we may

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[Sophie M^naqb, the iormer sociHaire of the Theatre Fran-

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Sir W. J. Hooker, of Mr. \i . Wilson, Dr. Spruce, and many

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In this section of the volume reference is almost confined to

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system has ah-eady proved a failure there. A case of small-pox has been

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to find in it such expressions of insolence, presumption, and misrepre-

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Read abstract of a letter from the Montreal Branch asking

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another column. The jury undoubtedly believed that Dr.

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has lately pointed out' that spontaneous cramp in alcoholism

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by each chef de ner vice. The house-surgeons and dispensers,

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pital, and completed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London.

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judges or other representatives of the Government of this country, and

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supplied in small books, the price being, for 25, 2s. 3d., with

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liest defence of experimenters is the truth, and tliat if there were no

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appears varies with the composition and concentration of the

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ably not very different, since if the joints were generally weak,

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that a large part of this outlay is pure waste. Tlie costs of

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since at about two months. On December 9th, about 1.30

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heard i|uite down to the b.ise. There was tree discharge from tl,ie righj

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