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cardiac disease, when there has been recent bleeding from any part, or in

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time, and especially if he takes too much wine, may develop gout, and

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by adhesions. This period may be short, as in many pneumococcus

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was not loac3ed with food, negle(fting the precaution

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useful in the treatment of gouty skin affections. The principal waters of

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ing in rooms the wall paper of which contained arsenic. Most of the

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of the 'organ. A distinction has been made by some between atony of the

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the most marked feature of chronic cases is the presence of a tumour,

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is rare. Although fever and suffering may be great, the mortality from '

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tubercles can be demonstrated and here the tubercle bacilli are found

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sity ; and the better they are the more useful they nuike the book

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thirty years insanity has more than doubled. The mentally defective

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after birth. Everyone will admit that the children of tuberculous parents,

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Lincolnfhire are, for the moft part, pied, very tall

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midway between the costal margin and the umbilicus. In many cases the

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to the pint may be used. An attempt may be made also to administer

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has followed. No such fortunate result, however, can be anticipated in

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cause differ little from those already described, except that in addition

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made for the cause of the condition. An observance of this simple

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The pulse at the wrist rapidly becomes weak, flutters, and finally dis-

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the morbid process is active. Its most usual cause is the undermining of

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apparently primary — a case of diffuse suppuration occurring in a drunkard,

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think the healing of Cattle an objetl beneath their

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unilateral and on the side opposite to the paralysed external rectus, also

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action is a not uncommon accompaniment of the disease in its earlier

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the glasses are then passed two or three times through the flame of a spirit-

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Thus, out of 100 cases collected by Hawkins at St. Thomas's Hospital, forty-

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and "Sprains" contained practical suggestions of value to the

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completed their ftudies in that, or any fimilar Se-

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into balls with honey, and given from time to time.

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life. And to Virchow and his school through the cell theory we owe a

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use is attended with danger. I have known it cause death. For the

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manner described in the article, " Diseases of the Stomach." The course,


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