Anacin Tin History

In a relatively poor, rural state such as Arkansas, many
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tient the atropia caused pain in the abdomen to such a degree that it was
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ing graduaUy in size, and the child emaciating percept-
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erting its pull, was divided from its attach- tion has been fatal to the vitality of the gut,
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per layers. What were papules have become fused together
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mentation on animals, Geppert bj' his apparatus has shown
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size. They average about 0.6 ij. in width, being from 1.2 to 4 /^ in
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of typhoid with great nervousnecs, is a patient at the
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of medicine fits his facts into the unifying framework of pathology. A considera-
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to formulate rules as to the amount of increase of the dose. He
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Salary commensurate with experience. Please send CV to:
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convalescence was quite rapid, with complete disappear-
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Fig. 95. — Usital Method of Pollution and even Infection of Wells.
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scriber to SELECTIONS. You’ll find it contains the
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canii to certain conclusions which will eventually be
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then, for they contain a great many more physicians than formerly,
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this begins it goes on with rapidity, and the abdomen soon becomes con-
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and the contained calcareous capsules, and irregular trabeculie resulting
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the dangers of infection are very much greater than in inflammatory
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to assume that the chancroid must belong to another
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the operation, on which account its further performance was
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Male Infant, and drew attention to its extreme rarity. He
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are inhibited by volition. Furthermore, in chorea the movements are
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Med., Phila., v. 6 (16), Oct. 17, p. 642. [W% W^^, W^.]
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dulness to the right of the sternum may be ascribed to the dilatation of a
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a very useful paper, occupying upwards of fifty pages, upon
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eft side of the neck, reaching from the ear down to within fpur or five centime-
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tenacity. Sometimes the part is covered with a pulpy substance
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diseased leg, which, in due time was opened, giving exit to a
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* Med. Times and Gaz.' January 15, 1853, p. 71.) Dr. Chowne has published
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the patient feels extremely cold, the temperature in the axilla may exceed
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cent, solution of salt, which is prepared by dissolving 2 drachms
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hygiene for the pat-ent, mitil the inflammatory process
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be entirely of this character ; the Massachusetts General Hospital has
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all escaped ; the uterus is closing firmly round the foetus, which becomes
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mediately after the game was made, November loth, gave
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is some cutaneous absorption, inasmuch as the drug has been found in the
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the Navy for use on ships has been recommended, (w. m. k.)
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exhibited a platinum electrode, which he had made flat
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in touch with the patient. McGowan took the patient to
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blood, firndy adherent ; but a chiinnel existed through the
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propels the man on ; in the chase, in the race, it is the same ;


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