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congestion. When there is haemorrhage, the whole brain is in as

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fly-leaves (ii 2 .), ii, I. attached (over i, I.), ii, 2. made (with i, 2.). || l 10 -3 10 , 4 12 , 5 7(12) , 6 12 -I4 12 ,

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applied to both lateral surfaces of the vagina nearly as high as the

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cicatricial contraction, due to former ulceration, and moreover

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in cases of angina maligna, and in chronic sore throat; but, before Vel-

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elements, incapable of regeneration, and, having once acquired

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belong to their particular clique. To crown the injustice displayed to-

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rather more so than in health, or if coated at all, it is with a white

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have heard of speedy recovery, when, by a sort of accident, very

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aware that bloody stools, under other circumstances, ever came

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Of the 6 examples of spontaneous rupture, 5 were muci-

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tion for more than a year, and yet had all that time their digestion

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sist in the refuse matter of the system, play a very important

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Syrurgica, usque ad pag. 179, quo loco est | Inscriptio haec. Deo gratias 1544, 9"° Octobris |

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ging the wound afterwards. — Phil. Med, Examiner from Edinburgh

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serves, et la plupart ne se sont empresses de nous transmettre

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radiating from the innermost buff (or). This shield is surrounded right and left by two saddle

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indispensable qu'il existe une unité de pensée et d'action sur une question aussi

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Trpos v&TTOp'iov wepl Trjs d- [ Koti/wv^crtaS =Migne, 77. c. 105.

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lids are wiped free from secretion, generally with wool soaked

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a breach of the peace was committed because a breach of the

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ici des thèmes déjà étudiés. Il suffit de rappeler d'une part qu'en matière

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in other words, depends upon, or is complicated with a chancre, which

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Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral

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ery respect resembled the thick, black bile as it is frequently found

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7. Chacun a droit à la vie, à la liberté et à la sécurité de sa personne; il ne peut être

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But if paramount duty should oppose itself to such a course, we have

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toute réticence, toute falsification portant sur l'expérience, ses buts, ses méthodes, les

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they got in their heads, would find it of little or no value in prac-

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vellum fly-leaves (ii 4 .). i, 1. and ii, 4. originally attached.

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On October 5, I saw her in consultation with Dr. Riddall. The patient

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and, we trust, useful competition. First came the N, Y. Lancet, a

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Lying-in-Institution it appears that the immersion of children

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On a slip of paper, inserted at the first page of the volume, is this title : " Latin

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sancti Edmundi in agro | Suffolciensi : Artis Chirurgicse | Periti | Nov: 9 | 1720.


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