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by one of the surgeons to that hospital (Case 15, S°. R., 1052).

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method as that known as spinal anaesthesia will be adopted.

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port. The name of its editor is a sufficient guarantee that it will be ably con-

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Boren, S, Fitzner, K, Panhalkar P, Specker J. Costs and benefits associated with diabetes education: A

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You bought a new pair of shoes 2 days ago. You decided to wear them for the past 2 days because they feU fine

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present their natural character. This is, as we shall, hereafter,

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than in the congenital, for, in such, we have to deal either with

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ous are the instances where amiable and valuable members of society

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that, though I have considered the causes of obstruction singly,

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montre que l'exclusion complète des prisonniers, qui figurait pourtant dans le premier

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whereas, later in life, when engaged in all the duties of social life, they

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had eighteen months freedom, and congratulated herself and

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modification of the complaint, produced by the constitution of the

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or the effect of the venerial disease. Astringent lotions, or excision, will

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been practised upon him, by those, in whom he was taught to confide,

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given, that the stools are resuming their natural characteristics.

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gery is so dependent upon the medical means which it lays under

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but I am not aware that the same has been noticed with

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Hemorrhage after Lithotomy stopped by Creosote. Dy Dr. Daseh.

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appeared at the vulva, and, in one case, the omentum was


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